CARROT CAKE REVIEW No 2 - Sponge Cake does not a Carrot Cake make

Carrot Cake ~ 22nd July 2017 ~ eaten in Camellia Cottage, Sheringham, Norfolk,

Carrot Cake from Camellia Cottage ~ £2.80

The cake on the plate looked enormous, declaring itself a value for money slice of cake loud and clear. You could even see the gratings of carrot creating an orange speckled effect. The first taste of the cake was that it was rather fluffy and, I have to say, excessive in the lightness of its texture. I don't know about you, but for me, one of the characteristics of a really good carrot cake is that because of its primary ingredient, ie. the carrot, it  tends to be a dense and weightier cake than most other species. When you envisage a carrot cake, fluffy, never comes to mind. I came to the conclusion that this cake was, in its very essence, made from a sponge mix with some large gratings of carrot thrown in for local colour.

So, it carries its carrot credentials a bit weakly. That said, it still had some carrot taste to it, plus a mild amount of mixed spice. The overall appearance and taste did teeter towards bland, which is a shame. Had it been served with a rich treacly sauce then it could easily have passed for a sponge pudding.

The frosting was a buttercream, stiff in consistency, though laid a little thinly so it became semi- opaque in places. Now I'll be frank, I'm no fan of buttercream on a carrot cake, as it usually ends up being too sweet and dominant, tending to drown any carroty flavour there may be. You rarely see a proper full creamed cheese on a carrot cake these days. I understand why, because this would shorten the lifespan of the carrot cake on the cafe shelf. Plus a cream cheese wouldn't suit low fat diets, dairy free or vegan customers.  However much a buttercream is the safer choice, a cream cheese frosting remains, in my opinion, a much better compliment to a carrot cake's flavour.



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