CARROT CAKE REVIEW No 9 ~ And The Vegan Traybake Prize Goes Too....

Carrot Cake eaten in The Artemis Cafe, Cley Next The Sea, North Norfolk.

Carrot Cake cost £2.50

Though only a traybake (and you know how I  feel about those ) and a vegan one to boot, its qualities put a lot of the fully fledged carrot cakes I've reviewed in the shade. A very sturdy cake, with a pronounced texture on the pallate that says ' Yes!!! There is a lot of carrot in this!!!. Hurrah!!! Also, there's sultanas and walnuts in the mix, and perhaps a hint of coconut (not sure about that, but I thought I detected a smidgen) with a moderate amount of mixed spice. It was actually a rather good carrot cake.

It held together well, and unlike some special diet carrot cakes I could mention, it didn't disssolve as soon as it hit mouth moisture, nor leave an aftertaste of bi-carb that would take the lining off your tongue. Nope, no such falings. In fact if you hadn't been told it was a vegan carrot traybake, I'd say no one would've noticed. That said, it maybe that it this vegan recipe works best as a traybake, and would show up its failings should you attempt a fully grown up cake test.

Not sure what they substitured for butter in the buttercream, but I'd take a guess a vegan margarine. They very sensibly kept the layer of vegan buttercream quite thin, as vegan margarine can produce a slippery cream that is excessively slimey with a sweaty look to it. Yes, Yuk! But here the cream, though a bit of an off off white, was not too glossy, and what's even better, not excessively pumped up with icing sugar. In fact I'd say the sweeteness to cake ratio was judged just about right. They also gave it a generous coating of chopped nuts, which probably helped anchor the vegan buttercream.



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