CARROT CAKE REVIEW No 8 ~ A Nice Performance

Carrot cake eaten in The Old Theatre Deli, Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

I know this is not on the North Norfolk coast, but its been quite a while since we've found a new cafe we haven't already visited, let alone a carrot cake. Whilst in Nottinghamshire on a Pre-Christmas family visit we spent a delightful half a day in Southwell. We took in the Minister and found an excellent Deli/Cafe, with a rather passable carrot cake.

The cake was looking good from its external features, a healthy orangey brown tan with a substantail amount of filling and topping. Once you took a bite into it, the cake had that distinctly carroty texture to it, flavoured strongly with carrot too, and a decent enough amount of walnuts to be noticible on the palate. I think it had just mixed spices as additional flavouring, I couldn't detect anything else, but what there was was sufficient to complement rather than drown.

Both the filling and topping were a cream cheese, so glory halleluyah ! There was a substantial amount of it too, very stiff, stiff enough to pipe swirls with at least, and these held their shape well. However, this had been achieved by the addition of tons of icing sugar to the mix, so the cream was to my tastebuds excessively sweet. All that subtle tangy edge of a cream cheese that works so well with a carrot cake was lost. Cream cheese does have a tendency to be too slippery without some sort of stiffener, Hubby suggests merange is best. You can't rely just on icing sugar, you do have to be judicious with the amount of icing sugar otherwise you get what has happened here. A firm cream filling only a few spoonfuls away from becoming a sugar cube.



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